Flying mounts in TERA

TERA is receiving flying mounts as part of its Secrets and Shadows update.

Players must finish a level 65 quest that is handed out by a baraka by the name of Morick, who is “located at the Amadjuak Trading Post, in the Spring Valley zone of Northern Arun” in order to obtain their first flying mount. Flying mounts can also be bought from the cash shop.

When flying mounts are first introduced, players will only be able to fly in Velika, Val Oriyn, and Highwatch. Each area has a “flight ceiling,” a certain altitude that you cannot fly beyond. More areas will introduce the ability to fly over time.

When not flying, flying mounts will act like regular mounts. Takeoff will require you to press the Spacebar repeatedly until you are airborne. Once airborne, your skill UI is replaced by the flight UI. You can move around using WASD and change elevation with Spacebar and C. If you are not pressing any buttons, your mount will keep its place in air.

Pressing Shift will allow you to “boost” through the air at a quicker pace. However, each mount can only spend a certain amount of time in the air, which is indicated by that mount’s stamina, and boosting will take up a significant amount of stamina.

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