Lost Ark beta should start in 2016

After being announced, no new informations were revealed about the Lost Ark.

Smilegate revealed information about Lost Ark and announced a closed beta test for early 2016. In addition to the announcement, a video was released involving a recent focus test group. Apparently, 88 testers have been involved in playing the early areas of the game for the Berserker and Battle Master, up to level 10 and the Cube game mode.

Although there hasn’t been any official information on a Western launch, it was previously mentioned that it would likely be available after the Korean launch was successful.

“First, we will be launching in the Korean market. In 2015, we are going to proceed with CBT. We are considering launching Lost Ark in western market, and the date will be finalized after solidifying the service schedule in Korea,” said a Smilegate representative.

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