GAME SPOTLIGHT: Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer will bring fast paced, arcade style football games up to date with online multiplayer mode, customisable player avatars, and clan based online leagues.

You can play online multiplayer matches whenever you want, representing your own Country, favourite Club or chosen Clan in an endless series of matches.

Every Sociable Soccer player will create and name a player avatar in his own likeness to be added to the clan of his choice.

Sociable Soccer Clans are teams of player avatars grouped together under team names such as ‘Death Metal Kids’, ‘Surfboarders United’ and ‘Cambridge Old Boys’ the control and progress of clan teams is shared by the players who are represented there by their player avatars.

The game will feature over 500 National, Club and Custom teams with over 10,000 researched player names. Team names, player names and kits used in game will be similar to the majority of popular titles on the market and fully editable.

The game will be completed by the end of 2016 on PC, Steam, XBox One and Playstation 4.


Sociable Soccer’s gameplay is designed to be smooth and fast, intuitively simple yet infinitely complex, featuring the same quick passing, precise aftertouch and bone crunching slide tackles that are a hallmark of all Jon Hare’s football games.

Sociable Soccer will offer a wide variety of camera viewpoints, including the zoomed-out, overhead viewpoints familiar to Sensible Soccer players and the dynamic pitchside cameras familiar to fans of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Along with a wide variety of control options, every player will quickly be able to tailor the game to their own preferences.

In Sociable Soccer you choose your formation, select the starting eleven, make substitutions and control the whole team on the pitch at all times.

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